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Essiac Tea For Serious Illnesses

Tuesday 28 August 2018 at 10:01 am.

Supported by world renowned medical doctors, scientists, and cancer survivors, Essiac tea continues to be widely used around the world to combat cancer. Originally from the indigenous tribe in Canada, Essiac tea is known as the “tea of life” in the Ojibwa tribe for its effectivity in keeping one’s health in top condition.

With thousands of people attesting to the effectivity of Essiac tea, this popular tea has actually helped people survive even when they suffer from unsurvivable cancer. Using the best roots as a part of its main ingredients, Essiac tea has helped people find hope in the hopeless cancer illness. 15healthbenefits.com offers some in-depth insights on this essiac tea benefits article.

Special Components Of Essiac Tea And Their Effects To The Body

Burdock Root

As proven from studies, it was found out that burdock roots have apoptopic effects to cancer cells which means that cancer cells self-destruct themselves. The root has also a benzaldehyde compound which is effective in prevention of tumors. Other than being effective for cancer, Burdock root is also used to treat colds, kill germs and to purify the blood.

Sheep Sorrel

An antioxidant itself, sheep sorrel has an antioxidant-rich herb5 which is effective in targeting cancer cells. Sheep sorrel is also found to lower the risk of cancer development in the body.

Slippery Elm

Slippery elm is a root which reduces inflammation, helps soothe respiratory infections (by cutting through phlegm and mucus), and detoxifies the body. Other than being effective for cancer, slippery elm is also used for diverticulitis, ulcers, acidity, constipation, and a lot more of gastrointestinal problems.

Indian Rhubarb Root

Indian Rhubarb root has a lot of anti-inflammatory properties while the extract is popular for its anticancer properties. This is the reason why the Indian Rhubarb root is an important ingredient of Essiac tea. Detoxifying the body and attacking the cancer cells at the same time, there is no other tea which can ramp up the immune system of an ill person other than the Essiac tea. Have a look at the health benefits of Essiac tea online and see for yourself how miraculous the product is for serious illnesses.