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Get to Know Sweden through Swedish Travel Blog

Tuesday 02 January 2018 at 05:26 am.

Sweden is such a beautiful country.  In fact, it attracts lots of tourist every year.  If you are one of those hippy travelers who want to visit Sweden, you can real articles from different Swedish Blogger .Before you visit this amazing country, read the things that you should know and explore so that you’ll never waste a single minute while you are in the country. 


Now, let’s start exploring Sweden!

Most Swedish Travel Blog would really be honest that there’s a pretty chance for you now to pronounce the places well, but hey! That’s ok! There’s no problem with that.  Because, even if these places are hard to pronounce, it is very easy to travel around Sweden.  Why? because its one of the countries with most English Speakers. As long as you know basic English, you’ll never get lost in Sweden.

Go on an Island Hopping

Swedish Blogger definitely would recommend your trip to include Island Hopping on your itinerary.  Coast of Sweden has thousands of islands that can be easily reached though cars or ferries.  For most travelers, island hopping does not only mean enjoying the sceneries of Sweden coasts but also getting to know the culture of the people living in the coasts.

Seafoods Are Awesome

Being a coastal country, Eden have the most supplies of awesome seafoods.  Tasty fishes and other seafoods are unlimited, so you must enjoy them while you are still in the country.  Seafood lovers will definitely want to come back when tasted the best tastes of Swedish delicacies.

Clean Water

Unlike other countries where you need to have good supply of bottled water, in Sweden, you won’t need them at all.  Tap water is better than bottled water.  why? Because water in Sweden are filtered well, providing clean water to people.