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Knowing the aura of a Woman with ring light make up

Saturday 06 January 2018 at 09:02 am.

Truly the natural air and looks around you are one thing, particularly to man who will be hypersensitive to anything you give off. When you apply make up you can surely know the story about how a woman magnify her self on how she looks.

Women's look is no doubt appealing to men. They knew the strength of a man is his heart. They cultivated their outer beauty with alluring adornment. They also washed and anointed themselves with fragrant oils that lured men to them and lingered in the air long after their departure. They burned incense and intoxicated their prey with sumptuous surroundings, perfumed linens, and scented candles. Add delectable meals and full-bodied wines to the mix, along with healthy heaping of feigned or real admiration and praise followed by sexual favors, and that man was total mush!

Most women use make up for the best look they can achieve. Mostly they use the mirror to help them with their make up application, but sometimes in darker area they also use the led ring light or the ring light for Ring Light Makeup to help them with their face details.

Most men feel that if they seduced you so easily, others can too. Maintaining a standard of purity before marriage sets the foundation for trust and security in the future. However, God is not opposed to married couples enjoying the fullness of love and even urges the man to be intoxicated to the marriage union with you.  So let’s look at another area that may overlooked or taken for granted to sense the aura of a women. Most of our pretty women today uses make up to enhance more their beauty. Ring light makeup helps them in different way and to see themselves how they look from other angles.