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How to Arrange Your Storage Unit

Tuesday 06 February 2018 at 09:09 am.

When it comes to self storage, it is always best to plan ahead. You need to map out how you will set up your boxes and things in the unit and at the same time, arrange them in a way that you have a path to move around the room so that when you need something, you are able to make your way around the unit easily. Here are some tips on how you should set up:

Stacking boxes

You have to stack your boxes as an aisle so that you can have access to them without having to move other things out of the way. Make sure you store the heavier boxes at the bottom and the lighter ones on top when stacking. Place the box of things you will most likely come back for at the front part of the unit.


If you plan on using Self Storage hong Kong for furniture, you will be able to save space when you dismantle. Just be sure that you have all the bolts and screws, place them in a small bag, and tape it to the largest part of the furniture. Of course, you have to make sure that when you dismantle something, you know how to piece it back together again. You can also make use of the hollow areas of furniture that you can’t dismantle. You can put smaller boxes inside refrigerators, washing machines, and wardrobes to save space.

Preventive measures

Most storage facilities are clean but it is always best to make some preventive measures yourself to make sure that your things will stay safe. You can add raised pallets in the unit before placing your things so that ants and silverfish will not be able to turn the bottom of your boxes into homes. You can also place moisture absorbers and moth balls around the unit. Make sure you do not store anything that is wet since they attract mildew and mold and these may damage your things.