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Why Does Understanding the World Time Zone Map Important

Monday 14 May 2018 at 05:26 am.

If you are a traveller and had experienced flying across the globe, you had most probably felt rather than see the effects of the differing times as dictated by the world time zone map. While you might think it is best to leave understanding the time zone map to nerds and experts, you might find it extremely beneficial to gain some basic knowledge of it. You can find more details on world time zone map on the site worldclock.com.

So why do countries have different time zones?

As your elementary Science teacher taught you, the Earth is round and slowly spins on its axis, with one full rotation equivalent to 24 hours or one day. Since the Earth is revolving, the sun’s light can only shine on one side (day), keeping the other side in the dark (night). However, because of the Earth’s rotund shape, it is quite impossible for the sun’s light to be distributed evenly. It is like aiming a flashlight on a fixed angle on a basketball’s surface, only to observe that the light distribution fans out across that single side.

This is a reason why huge countries like the U.S. and Russia employs 11 different time zones to compensate for lack of sunlight. Basically, a time zone shows a region with a uniform standard time for commercial, legal, and social purposes.

But why is it important?

Just think about it: you need to make a call to a business partner located on the other side of the world. Would calling at 10AM (your time) be convenient if his time zone is three hours behind?  If you are from Chicago and you need to meet a friend in Phoenix, would meeting at 7PM (Chicago time) be feasible if they are ahead of two hours?

While it is true that understanding time zones can be a bit confusing, it is quite necessary for obvious reasons. Globalization, modern communication, and travel all hinged on the fact that time zones exist.