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Remedies to Pains caused by Cycling

Wednesday 16 May 2018 at 09:13 am.

Cycling is a way of exercising the body. People tend to cycle whenever they want to have their body weight reduced. In this time and error, people have learned that being muscular doesn’t mean you take in a lot of fatty foods but it’s through consistent exercising. Through running, one is able to shed off the excess weight. Cycling is one of the options that can be considered when one wants to shed off weight.

Causes of Pains and their Remedies

The different causes of pains experienced by cyclers include;

1.    Excessive use of high gears; when you push yourself so hard on high gears then the likelihood of you feeling the hip pain is high. It may as well lead to weak buttocks and tight muscles. To prevent this from occurring then it’s advisable that one increases their cadence as they gear backward just to shed off some pressure from the hips during cycling for long. To ease the pain you can also apply for yoga pigeon positions.

2.    Shrinking of the fat nerve: When the fat nerve on the foot shrinks you will experience pain on the foot. If you start experiencing problems such as pain under your foot ball or numb toes then loosen your shoe when cycling. If the pain doesn’t fade then it’s better to look for a wider shoe or one with stiffer soles. It is also recommended that you keep changing the footbed on a regular basis after cycling for more than 4,500 miles.

3.    Resting weight on hands: when you put a lot of weight on your hands when cycling then you will have hand pains. Apparently, even cocking wrists at certain angles will cause wrist pains, tingly fingers, and numbness.

Cycling is one of the best ways of exercising. One is capable to become fit and flexible at the same time as the muscles are put to task frequently.