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How to find an efficient schedule planner

Saturday 16 June 2018 at 10:24 am.

Efficiency is one of the important factors why many business owners shift to using of a schedule planner. It improves the productivity in the workplace and the managers' productivity as well. So, if you want your company to experience productivity and efficiency, use a schedule planner.

But you may ask how to find an efficient schedule planner. Here are the features that you must check.

Employee’s shift tracker

Tracking the shift of your employees can be challenging especially when you’re working on a diverse workplace. In order to solve the chaotic changing of schedule, a shift tracker is important.

When you find a schedule planner, ensure that it has the capability to plot the changes in the schedule of the employees. It’s better if it has an alert feature to ensure that the employee knows the changes.

Sometimes, your employee won’t show up at work and you need a replacement especially when an employee asks for a leave. If you’re using a schedule planner, it’s easy to fill out the vacant spots on the schedule board.

Manages requests

An efficient planner allows you to manage the requests that come from the employees. Whether they need a shift swap request or a time off request, a schedule planner with such features can handle it.

The feature allows your employees to change shift with other employees without you intervening in it. They can do it themselves and you’ll just need to check on the logs about the changes.

It also allows the employees to request for a time of virtually and they’ll just wait for the answer.

Export of data

An efficient schedule planner can also export the data to your payroll system. So, you don’t need to transfer it manually. It can eliminate the error that causes a serious problem when it comes to your employees' salary.